French President To Ban Homework


French President Francois Hollande’s educational reforms will win him thousands of new supporters, pity they are too young to vote.

“Education is priority,” Hollande explained at the Sorbonne University on Wednesday, as reported by France 24. “An education program is, by definition, a societal program. Work should be done at school rather than at home.” The main goal of the reform is to foster educational equality because some students do not have the necessary support at home.

There has also been much research into the benefits of homework as the results have been mixed. Many of the results claim the limited learning benefits are not worth the stress and burnout risks. Hollande has pointed to these risks.

However, Hollande’s potential reform is not all one way traffic for the children of France. In exchange for the ban on homework the President advocated a return to the four-and-a-half-day school week from the existing four-day week in place in most French schools.

The President also wants to shorten the school day. Studies have shown that children’s ability to learn effectively deteriorates as the day goes on. He would like to shorter summer vacations shorter to make up for these lost hours.

The planed reforms are not without critics. “It’s completely unrealistic,” Valérie Marty, the president of France’s national parents’ organization, expressed to the Associated Press. “They have to figure out who will take care of the children after school, who will finance it.”

Along with these changes Hollande’s planned reforms also include long term goals of increasing the number of teachers, reducing the number of students held back each year, and incentives for teachers to work in low-income areas.


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