Fully Tattooed Man Is Third In Czech Presidential Polls


“It’s simply body art and the election is not a beauty contest,” Vladimir Franz, Czech Presidential explained. “A tattoo is a sign of a free will and that does not harm the freedom of anyone else,” he believes.

Franz’s body is 90% covered in green, blue, and red tattoos. He is an opera music composer with no previous experience in politics and openly admits to knowing little about economics. Only after being begged by friends to shake up a dull election did he decide to throw himself into the race. His announcement was met with much mockery from the public and other politicians.

However, no one is laughing now. The most unlikely of candidates is actually polling in at third place in a race of nine for the position as president of the Czech Republic.

Franz is not tied to any party and is running against the country’s high levels of corruption and on the idea of trying to reach a higher moral standard in the Czech Republic. He has won over fans who are frustrated by typical politicians’ false promises and failures, two decades on from the fall of Communism in the country. For example, a leading economist offered his services for free, and Franz’s campaign workers are also volunteers.

One expert explains that Franz is “a candidate who is not tainted by politics and they look with sympathy at his nonconformity and the way he presents himself.”

Surprising few people have any issue with the tattoos, even people who are against him. “The tattoos don’t make any difference,” said Jakub Fisera, a student in Prague, he explains that a lack of experience in politics is the reason he won’t be voting for Franz.

Franz is projected to win around 11% in the first round, which won’t be enough to replace the two favorites and make the run- offs. However, no matter what happens, Franz has made his mark and it’s not on his skin this time.


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