Global Renewable-Energy Investment Market Expected To Boom After Record-Breaking 2015


Approximately US$409 billion was invested in renewable-energy resources worldwide in 2015, according to the 10th edition of the UN Environment Programme’s 2016 Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment report. This amount breaks all records, doubling the international investment total for coal and gas power stations.

We at Live and Invest Overseas have become increasingly interested in opportunities that allow people to go off-grid, which, frequently, go hand-in-hand with self-sufficiency and low-impact, environment-friendly living. For example, having a windmill on your own property to ensure your water supply and investing in agriculture.

2015’s statistics proved renewable-energy investments were higher in developing countries (increasing year-over-year by 19%) than First-World countries (whose investments dropped 8%).

China tops the developing world at US$102.9 billion for 2015 (up 17%). That amount makes up for 36% of the globe’s total. Chile, Mexico, India, and South Africa also top the list for developing countries.

In the First World, Europe invested US$48.8 billion in renewable energy in 2015, a fall from US$62 billion the year prior.

Overall, 134 gigawatts of power was implemented internationally in 2015, up from 106 in 2014, and only 87 in 2013. Following this trend, the industry should continue to boom in 2016.

Regardless of this impressive interest in green resources, there is still a long way to go. Renewable energy only makes up for 16.2% of the world’s power supply. Investing in these resources not only limits the effects of global warming, but also provides the ability to be self-sufficient, without need to depend on the reliability of outside resources.


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