Graffiti Grannies Take Their Art To The Streets Of Lisbon


In Lisbon, Portugal, the urban street-art workshop LATA 65 is producing what may be the world’s first gang of graffiti grannies. And those grannies have some style.

Painting the town red, blue, green, and a host of other colors, the graffiti grannies are bringing color to bland, lifeless grey surroundings in parts of Lisbon. These graffiti grannies paint their stencils and tags on donated wall space with the help of professional graffiti artists.

LATA 65 (“lata” means “can” in Portuguese), a nonprofit organization, says that it sets out to bring the “less young” closer to the art form known as graffiti, which is normally only associated with young hooligans à la Bart Simpson. The workshop also aims to prove that intergenerational similarities can have the power to promote and value democratization and access to contemporary art.

So far, about 100 participants have taken part in the workshop. Initially meant to be a one-time affair, the workshop’s organizers decided to continue with more due to the overwhelmingly positive response. The workshop is now entering its third year. The success and widespread attention to the workshop has the organizers considering similar workshops in other countries as well.


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