Guatemala Considers Marijuana Legalization


The illegality of the production and exportation of marijuana could soon be a thing of the past in Guatemala.

Following Colorado and Washington states’ full legalization of marijuana, Guatemalan Foreign Minister Fernando Carrera mused openly about moving forward with legalization in his country.

“What if a country like Colombia, which produces drugs for illegal trafficking, decides to export marijuana to Colorado legally? That should be able to exist,” stated the minister during a recent meeting of the Organization of American States in Paraguay. Drug policy is slated for debate in September at the upcoming OAS summit held in Guatemala.

Paraguay is South America’s leading producer of marijuana. Further south, Uruguay recently legalized the possession, use, sale, transportation, and cultivation of marijuana, becoming one of the few countries worldwide to do so.

“Cannabis accounts for 80% of the global illicit drug market. If you take it out of the equation you can focus attention on controlling the other 20%, some of them highly dangerous substances and harmful to health, where probably there is no other choice but to ban them,” said the minister.

Guatemala is a major coffee producer and is also one of the most violent countries in the Americas. Guatemala shares a border with southern Mexico, and border-crossing drug cartels have become a growing concern.

Source: Guatemala contemplates legalizing the exportation of marijuana, Siglo21


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