Guide To Europe’s Residency For Investment


Denis Foynes – European residency is a great way to diversify; and as crisis-hit Europe struggles to pay its debts, they are making very interesting offers.

Here is a short guide to the best residency for investment options on offer in Europe:

– Hungary offers permanent residence to non-EU nationals who buy at least €250,000 of a special-issue bond also has reportedly attracted little interest.

– Spain’s Parliament is anticipated before year-end to approve a program to award resident status to those who spend at least €500,000for real estate. Alternatively, they can invest at least €2 million in its sovereign debt.

– In Latvia real-estate investors must spend a minimum of 50,000 or 100,000 lats (US$95,000-US$191,000), depending on location, to get a permit.

– Greece initiated a comparable program in April for purchase of a property for €250,000 or more.

– Portugal has named a price of €400,000 and have approved a few dozen permits so far.

– Ireland recently lowered their price from €500,000 to €450,000 due to a lack of serious interest.


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