Unemployment Reaches All Time High In France


The labor ministry of France recently announced record high numbers of unemployment for the month of February.

According to the report, an additional 31,500 people became unemployed in February, which was an increase of .9%. The total number of jobless French people and those working part-time jobs is about 4.9 million right now. (Press TV)

The news came as a disappointment to President Francois Hollande’s government, which has been working towards a decrease in the unemployment rate. But with France’s high tax regime, people just aren’t motivated to work.

“The flaw of the underlying French philosophy of society is the expectation that those who can do better than average will do so for the betterment of everyone else. That might get some people out of bed in the morning, but not enough folks are going to answer that call to make up for those who are happy not to work at all and still enjoy the life of the average.” – Lief Simon (Offshore Living Letter)

Municipal elections took place on Sunday and it appears that locals are getting fed up with the way things are being run.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his Socialist Party lost more than 150 towns and cities to the main opposition and far-right National Front. It was the largest historic gain for the other two parties since Hollande was elected in 2012. (Yahoo)

In reaction to this, Hollande had Ayrault step down and elected Interior Minister Manuel Valls as his new Prime Minister in hopes to win back voters.


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