Italy Suffers From Pizza Maker Shortage


If you wish to get pizza in Italy made by an Italian, you better move fast. According to a recent report by an Italian business federation, Italy requires around 6,000 chiefs in order to support the prosperous pizza sector.

Although Italian unemployment is at a record high, Italians don’t seem to be interested in working in a pizzeria.

“The Italian mindset is that being a pizza-maker is humiliating. It is a manual-labor job,” Alessandro Rossi, owner of a pizzeria in Rome, explained.

Hence, the void is being filled by immigrant labor, especially from Egypt. “To make a good pizza, it needs to be crunchy but also digestible. Not everyone can do that, but the Egyptians can,” one pizzeria owner explained.

There are an estimated 25,000 pizzerias in Italy, according to the report. A local pizzeria typically employs six or seven employees.

Things are no different in the United States, where most pizza makers are from Latin America. The days of the Italian pizza maker may well be over.


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