Japan Airlines Now Lets First Class Passengers Customize Mattress Firmness


Japan Airlines already has a very impressive first class cabin with privacy walls and seats that recline all the way back. But they have just announced that they will be letting passengers get even more comfortable on long flights by allowing them to customize the firmness of their mattresses.

Previously the first class cabin used tempur mattresses and pillows, but after receiving several suggestions from passengers they are now implementing a mattress called “Air Weave Dual Mode”.

“In the Air Weave mattress, the density of the material is gently changed into many layers to create a comfortable bed functioned with firm and soft at both surfaces separately.” The passengers will be able to flip the mattress based on whether they prefer it to be soft or firm.

The new mattresses will first be implemented in first class on the Jal Sky Suite 777 flights that serve Japan to London, Los Angeles and New York routes.

Source: Skift


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