Japan’s Prime Minister Is Not Afraid Of Ghosts


Denis Foynes – Is the Japanese Prime Minister’s official residence haunted? A five month delay in new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s moving into the house has left people asking this question.

Rumors and ghost stories have long surrounded the residence. A number of former prime ministers have allegedly experienced strange occurrences while living at the property, which was the location for revolts, rebel occupations, and politician assassinations (including one prime minister in the 1930s). Several first ladies have refused to live in the house.

The building was remodeled in the 2003. It has served as the official residence for the prime minister and his family since 2005.

The issue was raised when a member of the opposition asked in a letter to the cabinet: “There are rumors that the official residence is haunted by ghosts. Is it true? Does Prime Minister Abe refuse to move to the official residence because of the rumors?”

The government responded with an official statement explaining that they have experienced no paranormal activity. They government has given no explanation for the delay in moving in.

A former prime minister who was also required to comment about the ghost subject was Junichiro Koizumi, who expressed to reporters during his occupation: “I’ve never encountered any ghosts, although I want to see them”.


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