Kenya Begins Building Their Tech City


It has been nicknamed “Africa’s Silicon Savannah.” Kenya’s president has launched a US$14.5 billion project to build a new city intended to be the IT business hub of Africa.

The site is located 37 miles from the capital, Nairobi and it will take 20 years to complete.

“It is expected to spur massive trade and investment [and]create thousands of employment opportunities for young Kenyans in the ICT [information communications technology]sector,” President Mwai Kibaki stated. “It is a game changer.”

Property prices in the area have soared since the project was announced during the country’s last elections. According to the developer, Konza, the city wants to attract software development, data centers, outsourcing, disaster recovery centers, call centers, and light assembly manufacturing industries.

A university campus focused on research and technology, along with other schools, hotels, residential areas, and hospitals, will also be built.

Despite Kenya’s usually troublesome politics, the development has the support of all political parties.


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