Man Dies After Ingesting 46 Condoms Of Cocaine


The plan was going perfectly. Colombian drug trafficker Jesús María Sánchez Corredor arrived to Mexico City with two kilos of cocaine on a commercial flight and got past security, customs, and drug dogs without anyone noticing.

Next he arrived to his hotel, showed his passport, and paid for a room for two days.

Then plans went downhill.

He had hidden the cocaine in his stomach by swallowing 46 condoms full of the white powder. Two of the condoms burst in his stomach before being able to exit his body and then ultimately caused his death.

The maid informed authorities that someone called Jesús’s room several times but he never picked up. It is believe that the mystery caller was the person the drugs were supposed to be delivered to.

Source: Casi PoliticaTraga 46 condones con cocaína y revienta


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