Man Gives Money To Strangers Instead Of His Ex-Wife


Denis Foynes – A German man from Straubing spent a day handing out bundles of cash to strangers to prevent his ex-wife from getting it.

According to police the man in question was 49 years old, with a Bavarian accent and standing outside his bank. It is believed that he handed out over US$1300, all the while informing the lucky strangers that he would rather give it to them than his ex-wife.

One schoolboy received over US$250 from the man. The boy was simply waiting for a friend when the man approached him and handed him the money.

Some locals, including the schoolboy tried to turn the cash in to the police, believing the cash must have been stolen or forged.

However, a police spokesman cleared things up by stating, “We can’t find any evidence of a crime.” They added, “So the pupil is US$250 better off for now.”


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