Marijuana-Infused Drinks Hit Shelves


You can smoke it, eat it, and apparently you can drink your marijuana, too. Marijuana-infused drinks are becoming increasingly popular—and profitable.

Everyone knows of edible marijuana treats, or “special” brownies as many who grew-up in the 70s may remember calling them. But now, marijuana-infused drinks, or drinkables, are beginning to hit shelves as the marijuana market is liberated from prohibition in Colorado and Washington State.

Like edible “special” brownies, marijuana-infused drinks save the user’s lungs from the health damaging smoke that is inhaled when smoking from a pipe or rolled marijuana-cigarette.

Recent brands to hit the shelves in the Colorado and Washington include Old Fashioned Cannabis Lemonade and Legal. Legal has a variety of flavors, including cherry, pear-ginger, and pomegranate, which come infused with 10 milligrams of liquid cannabis and sell for about US$10 a can, according to the Telegraph.

Entrepreneurs are jumping on what is becoming one of the strongest growth markets, legal marijuana. Whether for medicinal or recreational use, marijuana is a growing market. ArcView Market Research estimated in late 2013 that the legal marijuana market is worth US$1.53 billion and that it will be worth US$10.2 billion in five years. In Colorado alone, it is estimated that some 7,500–10,000 jobs already exist in the legal marijuana industry.

While this market is presently contained to Colorado and Washington, it is set to expand as several other states are already debating similar ideas of abandoning marijuana prohibition. Voters in Alaska and Oregon will have a say on the issue in November, as the issue is being put to a referendum during the midterm elections. And while the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal narcotic, the DEA has been directed to not go after otherwise law-abiding participants in the legal marijuana industry—be they producers or consumers. President Obama has even stated that in those states where marijuana is legalized “the federal government doesn’t have the resources to police whether somebody is smoking a joint on a corner.”


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