Martinelli To Win Presidency Again?


You get the sense the Ricardo Martinelli would love nothing more than to run for the Presidency of Panama in the elections next year.
Unfortunately for him, you can only serve one term as President in Panama (a guarded policy against potential dictatorship). Despite this, there may be more Martinelli to come after the election.

Yes, there are rumors that President Martinelli’s wife Marta Linares de Martinelli has presidential ambitions. Even if she hasn’t this desire yet, there are plenty of people calling for her to run. On Jan. 11 a non-official twitter account supporting the first lady as president opened. Within hours the account had 260 followers, including the official CD party account.

“The Marta for President” account, @MartaPresidente, has the image of an “M” with the number 2014, the year of next presidential election. In addition, an image of the first lady in a Panamanian pollera dress was also uploaded to the account.

President Martinelli, the leader of the CD party, revealed on Jan. 10, that there are nine presidential candidates, and that the date of the primary elections was changed from April 7, in order to allow more candidates to partake. This move adds further suspicions around the Martinelli’s intentions.


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