Mendoza To Host 2016 Wine Sommeliers Competition


Association de la Sommellerie Internationale had the difficult task to choose the city and country of where the 2016 ASI World Best Sommelier Contest will be hosted. The bidding took place in Bordeaux, France, where Argentina, Germany, Australia, Norway, and France competed against each other for the last two spots. France and Argentina were the countries that made it to the last stage of voting.

Although Argentina was competing against the world’s best, there were many pros on their side, being as they have backup and support by many important institutions such as: Wines of Argentina, Argentine Wine Corporation and Fondo Vitivinicola (the entity promoting the Argentine wine in the local market).

Surprisingly, in the end there were 38 votes for Argentina and 7 against. The world competition will be carried out in Mendoza since the province has great infrastructure and is one of the country’s main wine-producing regions. It is also said to be one of the world’s “Great Wine Capitals.”



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