Mexico To Finally Become Mexico


“The name of our country no longer needs to emulate that of other nations,” Mr Calderon told a news conference. “Forgive me for the expression, but Mexico’s name is Mexico.”

It is not common knowledge, nonetheless, Mexico’s official name is actually “The United States of Mexico” and has been that way for 200 years. When Mexico received independence from Spain in 1824, it was still inspired by the by the United States of America. Mexico saw the U.S. as a shining example of democracy and liberty that had to fight for independence just as they had to. However, to the world and most Mexicans, Mexico is simply know as Mexico.

Flash forward to 2012 and outgoing President Calderon believes that “The name of our country no longer needs to emulate that of other nations.” Hence he has made the proposal to change the name to simply Mexico. Mr. Calderon first suggested the name change as a congressman in 2003, but the bill did not make it to a vote.

Calderón, who hands over power to Enrique Pena Nieto on Dec. 1st after finishing his six-year term, said that while the proposal is not pressing, it’s still significant. “It’s a matter of great importance as the name of a country has a symbolic relationship with everything: it’s people, its origins, its culture, its customs and above all with the identity of the people.”

“It’s time that we Mexicans retake the beauty and simplicity of our motherland’s name: Mexico. (It’s) a name that we use when chanting or singing, a name that identifies us throughout the world and that makes us proud.”

However, there are critics of the proposal. They see it as laughable that the President would spend any time on something like this when there are massive problems such as poverty and the drug cartals in the country. Some of the population sees it as a symbolic gesture, others see it as a joke. They suggest the country should be known as “fraud land” instead due to the high levels of corruption.


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