Microsoft Challenges U.S. Search Warrants For Data Stored Abroad


Microsoft lost a battle with the United States government when they challenged the use of search warrants to access data stored abroad.

The questionable search warrant was for emails located in Ireland, where they are actually stored on the cloud server. Microsoft did not believe that the U.S. governments search warrant should be valid since the data was not stored in the U.S.

Microsoft wrote in a blog post that, “The Magistrate Judge, who originally issued the warrant in question, disagreed with our view and rejected our challenge.”

American search warrants aren’t worth a thing in China, as Chinese search warrants aren’t of much use in California. Microsoft’s point that the location of data demanded matters is simple, and reasonable. (Tech Crunch)

What do you think? Should the U.S. be able to issue search warrants for data stored abroad? Leave a comment below:


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