Misspelled Slogan Causes Malaysian Tourism Ministry Embarrassment


A promotional stress ball with a terrible typo is garnering more than its share of mockery online this week.

The globe-shaped stress balls bear the slogan “Don’t be stressed, come and distress in Malaysia!” and are presumably an attempt at promoting Malayasia as a relaxing place in which to de-stress.

Pictures of the balls are popping up all over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook along with ironic or disparaging comments.

“Not the distress signal Malaysia’s been waiting for :/”  wrote Naqib Nadhir Shamsuri on Facebook, referencing the lack of a distress call from the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight.

Despite bearing the name and website address of the Malaysian Tourism Ministry, a Malaysian Ministry of Tourism official told the Malay Mail Online it did not produce the stress ball.

“Not ours… I don’t know if it is b4 2013,” the anonymous official said in a text to the Malay Mail Online.

Late last year, Malaysia Airlines suffered a similar social media drubbing when it launched the “My Ultimate Bucket List” interactive advertising campaign, asking customers to contribute lists of things they would like to do before they died.


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