Moldovan Capital Chisinau Is World’s Best City For Rental Yields


The Moldovan capital of Chisinau has been named as the world’s best city for buy-to-let investors by Global Property Guide (GPG). Their research was based on the average yields for 120-square-meter properties (in most locations). GPG’s Long Term Investment Rating is based on several factors, including gross rental yield, income tax, capital gains tax, round-trip transaction costs, long-term GDP growth, and potential over-supply. The research compared rental yields in 83 cities across the world.

Chisinau’s average annual rental yield was 10%. In second place was Kingston, Jamaica. The remaining top 10 are Jakarta, Indonesia (9.31%), Amman, Jordan (9.25%), Kiev, Ukraine (9.09%), Panama City, Panama (9.03%), Santiago, Chile (8.99%), Mexico City, Mexico (8.77%), Metro Manila, Philippines (8.62%), and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (8.57%). The survey is surprising for its lack of traditional locations in the top 10.


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