More Than 3 Million French Without Work


France went over the dreaded three-million-unemployed level in August – with 10.2% of the population recorded out of work.

As President François Hollande’s honeymoon comes to an end and France returns to work, school, and normal timetables news comes that the jobless total rose – for the 15th month in a row. Speaking on Radio J about figures showing 2.987 million with no work at the end of July, Employment Minister Michel Sapin said that the figures were even worse than those announced, as this was now September.

In a news conference François Hollande repeated his promise last month that creating jobs topped the agenda of his five-year term. He also pledged to take measures to reverse industrial decline and overturn public deficit.

With recent news of major job losses at car maker Peugeot and supermarket chain Carrefour, and rising unemployment among France’s youth (22.7% of 15 to 24-year-olds are unemployed according to INSEE the national statistics office) the anti-Nicolas Sarkozy now has his work cut out.


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