Mystery Winning Lottery Ticket In Spain


Denis Foynes – A search has begun to find the owner of a winning lottery ticket worth US$6.3 million in La Coruna in the north of Spain.

After failed low-key attempts to locate the winner, city officials have publicized for the person who purchased it to come forward one year after the ticket hit the jackpot.

“I’ll be the first Spanish mayor who’s searching for a millionaire, not to ask for money but to give it,” joked La Coruna’s Mayor Carlos Negreira.

Authorities are not stating when or where the ticket was purchased to avoid imposters looking to become quick millionaires. The Spanish tend to choose their own numbers so people will also be questioned on their playing habits and history.

La Coruna has a large tourism sector, so there is speculation the winner could very well be a tourist.

The search will last two years. If no one successfully claims the prize then the money will go to the person that finds the ticket.

The winning numbers were 10, 17, 24, 37, 40, and 43, so get on a plane to Spain if it’s you!


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