Number Of Social Security Checks Outside Of The United States Rises


In April, 629,631 Americans received their Social Security checks outside of the United States, up almost 60% since 2000.

Of the Americans who received their Social Security checks outside of the United States, Canada was the most common country, with 111,079 recipients. Second was Japan with 65,455 recipients. Mexico was third with 57,990 recipients.

A number of countries and territories registered only one Social Security checks recipient: Djibouti, the Falkland Islands,Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Mauritania, Sao Tome And Principe, St. Barthelemy, and Belarus.

Americans are permitted to receive their Social Security checks outside of the United States so long as they are citizens. There is no requirement for recipients to report their whereabouts or absence from the United States.

The Social Security Administration allows for electronic direct deposit to 54 countries, including Australia, Barbados, Canada, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and the U.K. Almost 85% of Social Security checks received outside of the United States were via direct deposit.

More and more Americans are retiring overseas lately. According to Live and Invest Overseas’ 2014 Retire Overseas Index, some 1.4 million Americans are retired overseas.


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