Survey: One-Third Of Americans Consider Moving Abroad


So you’ve finished your Fourth of July celebrations, packed away the fireworks, cleaned off the grill, and put down the red, white, and blue pom-poms for another year. But did you consider leaving it all behind with a move to another country?

A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll for TransferWise, an online peer-to-peer money transfer service, found that 35% of Americans consider moving abroad, and 14% consider doing it in the next five years.

Apparently, all it takes is a little arm-twisting to convince many to move abroad. When given the right reasons, 65% of Americans consider moving abroad as an option, according to the survey. Those reasons included a better quality of life for 36% of respondents, a lower cost of living (33%), and the opportunity to have new experiences (31%).

For many U.S. residents, a move abroad is a move back home. The survey found that 27% of foreign-born residents dream of returning to their home country. Compared to 58% of U.S.-born residents, only 48% of foreign-born residents claim that the United States will remain their home.

When it comes to criticisms, the survey found plenty. Almost 85% of respondents felt that the United States could be made more appealing. Suggested improvements were for more affordable health care (58% of respondents), lower taxes (51%), and improved education (48%).

Because the poll was conducted by a nonprobability sample, its findings are not considered to be representative of the general U.S. population.

But, despite the poll’s inability to infer the general mood among U.S. residents, there is no doubt that moving abroad is more popular than ever.

According to Live and Invest Overseas, some 1.4 million U.S. retirees have made the move. And it’s not only retirees; the survey found that 55% of those ages 18 to 34 say they consider moving abroad.

According to the State Department, 8.7 million U.S. citizens are living outside of the United States.



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