Panama Biomuseum Among World’s Best


In a recent article published by the BBC, Panama’s newly opened biomuseum is listed as one of the eight most impressive museums in the world.

The US$100 million, 44,132-square-foot museum, designed by world-renowned Canadian architect Frank Gehry, has a very unique design, with brightly colored jagged canopies that are visible from miles away. The rugged appearance is meant to symbolize Panama’s rising out of the sea to connect the North and South American continents. It is the first museum of its kind in Central America.

The complete list of the eight most impressive museums included the Panama Biomuseum; the Sifang Art Museum in Nanjing, China; the National Maritime Museum in Helsingor, Denmark; the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam, Netherlands; the MuCEM in Marseille, France; the Maritime Museum in Porsgrunn, Norway; the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto; and Chang Ucchin Museum in South Korea.

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