Panama’s Metro Is Officially Open!


Panama’s first Metro was inaugurated on Saturday, April 5 and then opened to the public on Sunday after 38 months of construction.

The first line of the Metro includes 19 trains each with 3 cars and 12 stations going from Albrook to Los Andes. There are two more lines planned to open within the next few years.

Besides this being the first Metro line in Panama it is also the first in Central America. On opening day over 100,000 people headed to their nearest Metro station to give it a try.

Feedback from local users has been positive and many claim it’s going to save them hours of commuting to Panama City everyday. As people exited the Metro on opening day people clapped and cheered screaming “Viva Panama”!

Instagram has also been flooded with people taking selfies of their first Metro ride:

The opening of the Metro comes just before new Presidential elections so it will be interesting to see if the same political party is elected in a row, which would be a first for Panama.

The Metro will be free for the first few months during a trial period but either a Metro Bus card or Rapid Pass card is required to enter. President Martinelli made an announcement that the cost of the Metro will not be more than $1 but an exact price has still not been set.

The operating hours will be 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.


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Joey Bonura

Joey Bonura is from Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Panama more than two years ago to finish his degree in International Business. He enjoyed the hot tropical weather and the lifestyle on offer in Panama City so much that he decided to make this his permanent residence.