Panama Prepares For Tourism In The Caribbean


The Panamanian tourism sector is focussing on the Caribbean side of Panama this year, which is a part of the country that remains largely undeveloped compared to the Pacific side.

There will be three new hotels being constructed in the Colon province. One of them will be part of the Decameron Hotel chain and construction will take place in Santa Isabel where another hotel is also set to open. The third hotel will be constructed in front of Isla Grande.

This part of the country remains largely undeveloped for tourism due to the infrastructure and and connectivity. But with the construction of the 26 kilometer road connecting Santa Isabel and Cuango, things are starting to change.

The Panama Tourism Authority is predicting 2.3 million visitors to Panama this year and at the end of the year there will be 16,000 hotel rooms in Panama City and 30,000 in the entire country to support the boost in tourism.

Source: CapitalEl turismo se dirige al Caribe colonense


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