Panama Pulls Immigration Fair


After recently holding the ninth “Melting Pot” immigration fair, the Panamanian government has announced the next fair will be the last.

The fairs helped foreigners in Panama obtain legal status and work permits. Don Winner of reported that some waited in line for days at the last fair held in Panama City.

Panama’s Democratic Revolutionary Party questioned the fairs legitimacy, claiming the fairs were mismanaged.  Previous accusations from Panama’s Immigration Law Committee of the National Bar Association included claims that drug traffickers, car thieves, and terrorist financiers were among the people legalized at the fairs.

The fairs legalized 48,633 foreigners during the four years the program has been running.

Panama enjoys a strong economy, a relatively high standard of living, and lower crime rates than other countries in the region, making it an ideal location for businesspersons and asylum seekers alike.

The final immigration fair will be held Oct. 2–12 at the Roberto Duran Gymnasium in Panama City.


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