Panama Taxi Drivers Don’t Like The Metro


Panama’s new metro recently opened and while passengers are loving the fast transportation system, taxi drivers are not a fan.

Before the metro opened, Panama’s infamous taxi drivers used to either drive around the city piling as many people as they could in a car or they would stop and say “No Voy” (I’m not going there) after stating your destination. But the tables have turned and now they are actually desperate for passengers.

According to La Prensa, with the introduction of the metro more passengers have elected to use that and the metro bus to get around instead of the taxis they once depended on.

Taxi Drivers are now driving around the city everyday of the week honking at passengers to try and get people to ride with them when they used to only search for passengers on Sundays.

“Now the taxi drivers want to go.” Claimed an annoyed user.

Some users have also claimed taxis are charging discriminatory prices to people who request to get dropped off at a Metro station. One user claimed that a taxi driver made her pay US$4 for a trip that used to cost US$2.

“People don’t want to use the taxis anymore, their fares are higher than the metro and it takes longer.” Said Analida Chirú.

The taxi drivers don’t believe this is going to last since the metro is currently free to use. They believe that once the metro fares are announced people will resume using taxis like before.


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Joey Bonura

Joey Bonura is from Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Panama more than two years ago to finish his degree in International Business. He enjoyed the hot tropical weather and the lifestyle on offer in Panama City so much that he decided to make this his permanent residence.