Pay Increases For American CEOs


The Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO compensation report says that the majority of American CEOs saw only slight pay increases in 2013 and that the biggest rewards went to a minority of executives at the top, but not necessarily because of their performance.

Findings in the report show that the top 10% of CEOs earned 23% of total compensation and the bottom 30% earned 13%. The median increase was 5.5%, bringing median compensation to US$11.4 million. The median profit for their companies increased 8%, and shareholders’ median return increased 34%.

The three highest paid executives were Larry Ellison of Oracle Corp, Leslie Moonves of CBS Corp, and Michael T. Fries of Liberty Global PLC. These three top-paid executives earned US$188 million in 2013―more that the bottom 50 executives combined.

The report looked at compensation for 300 CEOs of large U.S. traded public companies. The report defined “compensation” as annual pay, incentives, value of stock options and grants, restricted stocks, and performance based incentives.

Source: CEO Pay Rises Moderately; a Few Reap Huge Rewards, The Wall Street Journal


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