Recruiting Foreign Doctors In Panama


Brenna LaBine – If you have ever traveled to Panama and receive medical attention in the provinces of Bocas del Toro, Cocle, Colon, Chiriqui, Herrera, Los Santos, or Veraguas, you know that you may be better off checking out WebMd online in order to diagnose and medicate yourself.

Not that this is a recommendation to do so, but the facilities and staff available in these provinces are sorely sub-par. In a country with first-class hospitals packed into Panama City, how can there be such a huge gap existing in medical attention offered? There are simply too many vacancies in crucial positions.

The Congress of Panama has offered a remedy; they recently passed legislation opening up their doors to the recruitment of doctors and foreign technicians in the aforementioned provinces, allowing the Social Security Council to hire 180 foreign doctors in the areas of cardiology, surgery, anesthesiology, and internal medicine. This law states that this open recruitment will be enacted for a preliminary one-year period in order to fill vacancies with foreign occupants.

The National Assembly of Panama released a statement to the press stating, “The full National Assembly approved on its third reading, a bill regulating the hiring of foreign medical and technical professional services on a temporary basis.

“The document envisages that the Ministry of Health and Social Security Department will be able to hire these doctors and professional services temporarily, as long as a substantiated need exists.”

Good news for the citizens of these provinces and good news for perspective foreign doctors looking to branch-out abroad. But, as they mention, this window is set to close one year from now.


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