Fly To Europe With Some Spare Change


Ryanair hopes to expand flights between Europe and the United States.

Finding US$20 in your pocket really isn’t as exciting as it used to be. With $20 you can go out to eat, fill half your gas tank, or see a movie at the theater by yourself. Really nothing too exciting.

But Ryanair, Europe’s notorious budget airline, is hoping to make finding US$20 a bit more exciting by offering super low-cost flights between the United States and Europe.

Michael O’Leary, the airline’s chief executive, told the Irish Hotels Federation conference in Meath that he would offer tickets to New York and Boston for €10 (US$13.81). Flights back to Europe would cost €7.30 (US$9.67). (The Telegraph)

There will be other fees that passengers have to pay for like luggage, meals, upgraded seats, etc. But the overall round trip flight will be a fraction of current flight fares.

Unfortunately the cheap flights won’t be starting anytime soon because Ryanair has stated they first must purchase 30 – 50 new planes, which could take up to five years. But the flights will begin within 6 months after the needed planes are purchased.

Until then you can save your 20’s for future Euro weekend getaways!


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