Schoolgirl Enters Turkey Using Passport For Her Cuddly Toy Unicorn


The Mirror – Customs officials let a schoolgirl enter Turkey using a pretend passport… for her cuddly toy unicorn.

Emily Harris had taken the ID for her purple toy, Lily, on holiday with her parents.

And when the family passed through customs at Antalya airport, flustered mum Nicky accidentally handed over the wrong passport.

Yet despite a big gold bear on the front and a huge picture of a purple toy inside, a dozy passport official let nine-year-old Emily into the country – and even stamped the unicorn’s passport.

Nicky, from Cwmbran, South Wales, was stunned to discover there had been a mix-up as they prepared to start their week-long holiday last month.

She said: “I didn’t realize until I was putting the passports away.

“I panicked as I thought someone would chase after us but they didn’t.

“The passport doesn’t even look real – it’s got a gold teddy bear on the front, is a different size to mine and the picture ID was of a unicorn.

“The man even asked Emily her age before stamping it.

“It’s a worry but we saw the funny side and laughed that the officer had stamped the passport.” Who needs residency or citizenship when you have a unicorn toy?


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