Sex, Drugs, And Real Estate


Brenna LaBine — Live and Invest Overseas has a far reach in Central and South America. We recommend many havens on this Continent for various reasons, for various people.

Here are six facts you may not know about some of our choice havens in the Americas…

Uruguay: Revered as a retirement haven and an investor’s paradise, this country has recently made world news for their ground-breaking marijuana legislation…making it not simply decriminalized, but making it completely legal and government regulated.

The Dominican Republic: Known for their stunning white-sand beaches, colorful culture, and historical significance, this island is drawing tourists and expats in hoards. But did you know that some of the smaller towns in the Dominican Republic are popular destinations for sex-tourism? Not only is it popular in certain areas, but it is completely and openly accepted. I am namely talking about Boca Chica and the Puerto Plata region.

Argentina: We speak of it often in our publications…Argentina is a great place to invest in productive agricultural land. But isn’t Argentina in crisis? You may wonder. Their inflation rate has skyrocketed and their current leader seems a bit kooky, but Argentina remains one of the best places in the world to invest in your own vineyard. Check out the beautiful rolling hills of Mendoza to see what we mean.

Belize: Little, peaceful, unassuming Belize has remained a well-kept secret, but did you know they offer the best option in the world for what we term a “virtual residency?” The Belize tourism board has implemented their QRP program which dictates a retiree with this visa need only be in the country for two weeks out of each year.

Panama: If you are looking to invest in a booming economy, you want to look at Panama. Live and Invest Overseas is based in Panama City, so we like to talk about the good things in our country of residence…but what many people still may not know is that foreigners can open and run their business here completely tax-free…talk about incentives for foreign investment.

Colombia: Beautiful, friendly, affordable Colombia. We cannot talk about the positives enough here… One being their caliber of hospitals. Colombia boasts five of Latin America’s highest quality, most prestigious hospitals, but maintains healthcare that is a fraction of the cost of that in the United States.


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