Sex Theme Park Proposed In Taiwan


In an attempt to entice more visitors, some officials in Taiwan are allegedly planning a sex theme park.

The proposed 10,000-square-meter park would include sex-themed sculptures, exhibits, and educational videos, as well as a church to hold weddings and a neighboring hotel for patrons to deal with any built-up excitement. Sex toys and interactive facilities would be also be available in the park.

The official government website for the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, an area popular for wedding photography, posted a page detailing a vision for “Romantic Avenue,” which would include a “sex-paradise” similar to one in South Korea, before removing the webpage due to controversy, according to Focus Taiwan.

The proposed sex theme park has received criticism as being indecent, potentially warding off possible family focused tourists. Proponents, however, point out that similar parks in other countries have been successful and that the massive online reaction, whether positive or negative, will likely result in large numbers of visitors.

The park has yet to been approved or rejected, and the Taiwan Tourism Board is said to have asked for more details regarding the proposal.


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