Strikes Over Bolivian Airport Name Change


The local assembly in the Bolivian region of Oruro approved a move to rename the local airport after President Evo Morales in February. The proposal came in wake of the airport gaining international status.

However, a general strike is underway against the plans. Residents want the airport to remain named after aviation pioneer and local hero Juan Mendoza.

Morales claims he never asked for the name change. “I’ll never suggest that any building or project be named Evo Morales. I don’t know what their goal was, perhaps a political issue, but let them decide between themselves and don’t involve me,” he told the Bolivian press.

The current protests have brought certain parts of the city to a standstill. In recent weeks, demonstrators organized three other strikes. These campaigns have even included hunger strikers, including Oruro Mayor Rossio Pimentel.

Mr. Morales was elected in 2005 and is the first indigenous Bolivian president.

However, left-wing policies have proved contentious with some middle-class Bolivians, although he remains popular among the indigenous majority.


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