Teen Flies To Hawaii In Plane’s Landing Gear


A teen from California miraculously survived a flight from San Jose, California to Maui, Hawaii while being in the landing gear.

The 16-year-old said to authorities that he had gotten into a fight with family members and ran away from home. He then hoped the airport fence and ran towards the plane into the landing gear well and then the flight took off to Hawaii.

“It appears that this teenager scaled a section of our perimeter.” Mineta San Jose International Airport spokeswoman Rosemary Barnes told CNN. The boy “was able to proceed onto our ramp under cover of darkness and enter the wheel well of an aircraft.”

The boy was inside the small space for over 5 hours at 38,000 feet with no oxygen and temperatures of 75 – 80 degrees below zero. The survival rate is very low for a human in those types of conditions. The boy said he passed out shortly after the plane took off.

“An hour after the plane landed at Kahului Airport, the boy regained consciousness and emerged to a dumbfounded ground crew.” The FBI’s Tom Simon said.

The boy is not being charged with any federal crimes and has been placed with child protective services.

Source: CNN


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