Ten Interesting Facts About Panama


Denis Foynes – Would you like to impress your friends with interesting facts from around the globe? Live and Invest Overseas News can help.

This is the series in which each week you can read ten facts about one of our destinations. This week we have beautiful Panama.

Here are ten facts about Panama:

1.Nicaragua was the original location of the Panama Canal, but a stock crash in the United States ended those plans. When the French failed to create their own canal in Panama, the United States purchased the land rights for US$40 million, and after much blood and sweat it became the famous wonder that it remain today.

2. The canal allows ships traveling between New York and San Francisco to save 7,872 miles of travel. It also accounts for a third of Panama’s economy.

3. There are 7 different groups of indigenous peoples in the country, though they now represent a only 6% of the population. The comarcas, as these populations are called, are self-administering sovereignties.

4. Panama can’t be beat when it comes to bird watching. The small country is home to more species of birds than the United States and Canada combined.

5. Panama is a small country with a population of just 3.5 million, 1.3 million of whom are living in the Panama City area.

6. Panama grants 30 days of free health and accident insurance to all visitors.

7. Panama City is the only capital city in the world that has a rain forest within the city limits.

8. Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain was actually born in Panama. He was born in the Canal Zone that was, at the time considered U.S. Territory.

9. Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic.

10. The country has the second largest duty free zone in the world. It also has the second largest registrant for offshore companies, after Hong Kong.


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