Ten Interesting Facts About Spain


Denis Foynes – Would you like to impress your friends with interesting facts from around the globe? Live and Invest Overseas News can help.

This is the series in which each week you can read ten facts about one of our destinations. This week we have beautiful Spain.

Here are ten facts about Spain:

1. Spain was neutral in WWI and WWII but suffered a civil war (1936-1939) which killed over 500,000 people. The victorious General Francisco Franco ruled as a brutal dictator until his death in 1975. After his defeat, Spain began to transform itself into an industrial, modern, and democratic European nation that it is today.

2. Bullfighting has been a popular sport in Spain for thousands of years. Called corridas, bullfights are considered either a contest of art and skill or a cruel sport. The culture surrounding bulls doesn’t stop there. The running of the bulls is also a famous Spanish event. Bulls are let loose on a course in cordoned-off streets of the town, and people run ahead of them.

3. Despite the beret being associated with France, the famous headwear was actually invented in the Basque country in the North-East of Spain.

4. The famous “ole-ole” enthusiastic soccer fans also come from Spain. Here he was born on bullfighting and flamenco while. There is a historical theory of the origin of this cheer; historians believe that the expression “ole” is parallel to “Allah”, which appeared in the Spanish territories throughout the Muslim movement of the 8th century.

5. Spain is 5 times bigger than the UK with only two thirds of its population. Also, 40 million tourists will visit Spain this year, a number almost equal to the total population of this country.

6. The unemployment rate in Spain is around 27%. However, for people under 30 years old, it is a stunning 50%.

7. The Spanish are the number one organ donors in the world.

8. The Spanish have the lowest age of consent for sexual activity in Europe at 13 years old. Both Malta and Turkey have the highest at 18.

9. The Spanish soccer team are the only in history to win three major international tournaments in a row. They won the European Cup in 2008, then the World Cup in 2010, and then the European Cup again in 2012. They will be hoping to make it four in Brazil next year.

10. Spain produces 45.5% of the world’s olive oil. That’s 3 times Italy’s production and 4 times Greece’s production.


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