Termites Steal Woman’s Life Savings


Denis Foynes – In China, an old lady’s life savings of US$66,000 have been ruined by termites.

The money was given to her from her children and she decided to store it in a drawer, wrapped in a plastic bag, instead of putting it in a bank. When she decided to use some of the cash towards decorating she found a bunch of termites all over the cash and chewed up notes.

In horror, she took the notes to the bank in the hope of saving it. The bank was able to save US$55,000 however the woman still lost 15% of her savings.

Internet users were understanding of the pensioner’s bad luck but this didn’t stop them from making jokes at her expense.

@okkello tweeted: “Who thinks inflation is the only threat to savings?”

@DrDanDhunna added: “Never put your savings in a drawer!”


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