Are Thailand And Malaysia Building A Wall?!


Thai and Malaysian officials engaged in friendly talks on Sept. 9, 2016, to see about increasing security against violent extremism, human trafficking, and improving transit along their shared border.

At a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysian Prime minister, Najib Razak, summed things up by saying “These are very important matters for us to work on closely together because some of the perpetrators move between our two countries.” Plans for action are still in their early stages, but both nations have agreed to share security information and look into erecting a fence or even a wall to achieve their mutual goal.

Referring to Thailand’s Southern border, Razak also said “It is very important for us to work on confidence building measures in the South,” in an effort to ease tension created by Malaysian insurgents crossing over into Thailand.

Though the two countries shared concerns about extremist groups and organized-crime rings exploiting the porous border, the talks also focused on taking positive measures to increase movement between Thailand and Malaysia.

At the meeting Thailand and Malaysia also explored the possibility of creating a high-speed rail service that would link Bangkok with Kuala Lumpur. Two bridges connecting Thailand’s Narathiwat province with Kelantan State, on Malaysia’s north-east border, are scheduled to be completed next year.


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