The 10 Weirdest Visa Applications


Denis Foynes – Global Visas, a company that helps people acquire visas, has released its list of the ten weirdest visa applications they have ever received.

“We do come across some unusual reasons for visa applications in our office!” explained the company’s owner Liam Clifford.

“The majority of the time they’re quite straightforward but now and again we see some applications surface that really take us by surprise.”

Here’s the top ten weirdest visa applications

10. Alpaca Shearer: A Peruvian man applied for a European visa to work as an ‘alpaca shearer.’

9. Zombie: A woman applied for a UK visa after apparently securing ‘seasonal work as a zombie.’

8. Foot Modeling: A ‘foot model’ applied for a visa to relocate from France to the United States where their feet were apparently in ‘high demand.’

7. Evading The Law: A man openly claimed during his application process that he was ‘evading the local authorities’ in his native Philippines and wanted to join his family in Australia. Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

6. Dog-Food Tasting: A dog food taster — somebody had apparently applied for the position and been given the permission founded on ‘previous experience’ and they were now applying for the relevant visa to move to the United States from the United Kingdom. Fingers crossed for him.

5. Gondolas: A Malian decided to apply for a visa to go to Venice so he could work on a gondolier after seeing one on TV.

4. Embalming: A criminal from Mexico wanted to use his know-how in preparing dead bodies in Spain but his appeal was rejected when it became clear how he had perfected his trade.

3. Selling Sex: A Russian lady was looking for a European visa to practice ‘her trade’ in the Netherlands. That trade was prostitution.

2. Flamenco: A Brazilian dance teacher wanted to be permitted to come to the UK so he could ‘bring flamenco to the streets of Norwich (A town in Northern England).’

1.Vampire Hunting: A South African man applied for a European visa as he specified that he sought to go to Romania to ‘hunt vampires’ for a living.


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