“The Liberator” Is Unveiled In Caracas While Social Justice Is Veiled


The great South American liberator, Simon Bolivar, has had a 3-D reconstruction of his face unveiled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Bolivar died in 1830 after leading many battles against the Spanish and their colonial rule of the region. The Liberator’s remains were exhumed on Chavez’s orders (Chavez believed he was poisoned rather than dying of tuberculosis as quoted in the history books) and a computer-generated image was created which, say experts, is remarkably like paintings of the great man. After independence from Spain, Bolivar became the president of Gran Colombia, now modern-day Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, and northern Peru. Bolivar’s remains will be housed in a new tomb in central Caracas built at a cost of US$78 million. At the unveiling Chavez said, “Bolivar is the fight that does not end, he is born every day in ourselves, in his people, in the children, in the fight for life and for social justice.”

Meantime in a social justice “180” President Chavez announced this week that Venezuela will no longer recognize the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, after a judgment he called a travesty of justice. He was referring to a ruling by a Costa Rica-based court that Venezuela had violated the rights of prisoner and suspected bomber Raul Diaz by holding him in “inhumane” jail conditions. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights is an autonomous body of the Organization of American States (OAS). Chavez, it’s said, believes that the OAS is a US pawn and only operates to challenge court disputes in countries governed by left wing governments. He has ordered his Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro to begin the removal process from the court.


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