The New Boutique-Style Accommodation


In research released this week by and Lonely Planet, 94% of people going on vacation this year would consider hostel accommodation if it meant it would meet their budget requirements. Of the 5,000 people polled in 141 countries, nearly 90% of respondents said they would not be prepared to pay more than US$100 per night for accommodation, with the majority (54%) prepared to cut their accommodation budget substantially.

According to Feargal Mooney, CEO of, “There has been a renaissance in the way hostels are perceived, driven by exciting new innovations at hostel properties worldwide … This is opening up a new market to the hostel industry and one that we expect to see coming back now they have experienced the high quality of accommodation available.”

With hostel costs rarely reaching US$50 per night, it is fast becoming a type of accommodation attractive to more than the usual customer base of gap-year backpackers.


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Lucy Culpepper

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