The Weirdest Laws In The World


Last week it officially became impossible to arrest a woman in Paris for wearing long pants. It sounds crazy but a law requiring women to ask authorization from city authorities before dressing as “men” and wearing pants is more than 200 years old. The French government has now finally overturned the law.

However, there are still thousands of strange laws in the world; that is why in Florida an unmarried woman who parachutes on Sundays can be jailed. Few of these laws are enforced but lawmakers have not made an effort to revoke them. Nonetheless, if you don’t follow them, you are technically a criminal.

Here are some of the weirdest laws in the world

Switzerland- It is illegal to flush the toilet after 10 p.m. in most apartment houses. It is considered impolite.

France- It is illegal to name your pig Napoleon.

Romania- in 1935, Mickey Mouse was banned because the authorities believed that the sight of a 10ft- high rodent on screen would horrify children.

Singapore- It is illegal to leave the house without wearing underwear. It is not clear how the law is enforced.

France- It is against the law to sell dolls without human faces.

Scotland- If a stranger knocks on your door, they are allowed to use your toilet.

Greece- A driver’s license can be revoked if the person appears poorly dressed or unwashed.

Czech Republic- Taxi driver can charge the “third level price” in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

Bangladesh- children 15 and older can be put in jail for cheating on their final examinations.

England- In London it is illegal to flag down a taxi if you have the plague. It is also illegal to carry rabid dogs andor corpses in the taxi.

Paraguay- dueling is legal just as long as both parties are registered blood donors.

Thailand- No one is allowed to step on any of the nation’s currency.

Samoa- It is against the law to forget your wife’s birthday.

Scotland- Being drunk and being in possession of a cow is illegal.

England- Pregnant woman can pee anywhere she wants, even a policeman’s helmet.

And Some Strange But Serious Laws

Denmark- Driving with your headlights off, day or night is illegal. Studies have found that other drivers are more aware of surrounding vehicles when other cars’ lights are on.

Israel- Picking your nose on the Sabbath is highly illegal throughout Israel.

Singapore- Chewing gum is banned even inside your hotel room.

Finland- your traffic fine is calculated according to your income.

UAE- kissing in public here is illegal, and many tourists have fallen foul of this law in recent years.

Russia- In Moscow you can get a ticket for driving a dirty car. What level of “dirty” is unacceptable is up to the police officer.

Netherlands- you can smoke cannabis in public places, but not tobacco.

UAE- No public eating during Ramadan.

Thailand- It is illegal to drive with your shirt off.

Spain- In Barcelona it is against the law to wear a bikini, swimming trunks, or to go bare-chested on the streets.


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