The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Celebrities


Brenna LaBine – What a life to be rich, famous, and beautiful! These celebrities have swept the media with hit shows, hit films, hit songs, and their stunning good looks.

Here are the world’s top ten most beautiful celebrities:

10) Kaley Cuoco: This The Big Bang Theory star plays Penny on the primetime hit series. Her silly, witty, cutesy character on TV has proven popular with nerds everywhere!

9) Taylor Swift: Young, talented, and just plain cute…this fashionista and songstress has expanded her fan-base from little screaming tweens, to a worldwide audience as she has grown up and turned out hit after hit, finding her most inspirational material stemming from her break-ups with leading celebrity men, like Jake Gyllenhall… The formula for success seems to work–just singing about boys…as she was one of the highest paid celebrities under 30 last year.

8) Rachel McAdams: Playing opposite Ryan Gosling in one of the most romantic films of all time, Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook, Rachel was part of one of modern-time film’s most memorable kiss scenes. This beauty is as gorgeous as she is versatile in her roles…from lead popular mean girl in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls, to funny and cute in Wedding Crashers, to adventurous action-star in Sherlock Homes…this star does it all and does it well.

7) Shakira: Exotic, energetic, and talented. Shakira has received several music awards and is a sell-out show worldwide. Well-known for her funky beats, sultry hits, and out-of-this-world dance moves (have you seen those hips?!), it is no surprise this diva is one of the ten most beautiful female celebrities in the world.

6) Freida Pinto: India’s sweetheart, Freida Pinto, stepped onto the scene in 2008 with her debut film Slumdog Millionaire. She has since topped lists all over the world for her talent and beauty, making an appearance on People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” as well as “Best Dressed” lists.

5) Blake Lively: Beautiful, bubbly, blonde bombshell Blake Lively premiered her talents on the CW’s hit series, Gossip Girl, but has since hit the big screen starring alongside A-list actors such as John Travolta, Selma Hayek, and Ben Affleck. She is also considered one of the best dressed stars in Hollywood. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it!

4) Christina Ricci: This actress has been turning out hit films since 1990. She is well-known for her script choices…which are often artsy, substantial, and intriguing. Check out one of her most memorable roles as Rae in Black Snake Moan. Ricci has long been a film and fashion icon, with looks that are a little pin-up, a little girl-next-store, and a little goth.

3) Mila Kunis: She started out as vapid, funny girl Jackie on That 70’s Show, but has since moved to the big screen with hits like Black Swan and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She is funny, sweet, and sexy–coming in as Maxim’s most beautiful woman in 2012.

2) Keira Knightly: With dramatically high cheekbones, pouty lips, and smokey eyes, this leading lady has a look one may describe as simply regal. This English beauty has starred in numerous hit films, including Pirates of The Caribbean, Pride and Prejudice, Domino, Atonement…and the list continues on and on. Her career has, already, been so full of success at a young age; and there is no end in sight for her talents or stunning good-looks.

1) Penelope Cruz: This should come as no surprise that Spanish actress Penelope Cruz takes the number one spot. She maintains a certain duality in her looks, being drop-dead gorgeous and down-right adorable. Penelope Cruz has a certain presence on screen that not many actresses possess—being incredibly likeable, easily relatable, and always believable. Her memorable films include Vicki Cristina Barcelona and Vanilla Skies, among others. Her beauty is only exceeded by her staggering talent as an English and Spanish actress, which says quite a lot about this star.


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