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Brenna LaBine – Macedonia, officially The Republic of Macedonia, is a picturesque nation made up of dramatic landscapes. It is located in the central Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe, and is a successor of the former Yugoslavia.

Macedonia makes sense for an international investor. It is a candidate country for EU membership. Meaning they should be in the EU and Eurozone within a decade.

These are Live and Invest Overseas’ reasons why Macedonia is a place foreign investors and entrepreneurs should keep an eye on…

  • Foreigners can own land and property.
  • They consider themselves a tax-haven with the lowest flat-tax in Europe of 10% (personal and corporation).
  • Production is a great sector for foreigners to invest.
  • In Macedonia’s economic trade zones, there are no taxes for the first ten years.
  • More and more American companies are investing. Traditionally, the biggest investors were German and Greek. However, a lot of big American companies have been investing in recent years—for example, Johnson Controls and Kelvin Electronics.
  • Sidenote: One cause for the increased American investment is the EU expansion. When the ten eastern European countries joined in 2004, countries such as Poland, Slovakia, etc. had to increase their taxes and hence, American companies moved east.

You can stay in Macedonia for three months then apply for a residency permit. Which says they are open to foreigners and open for investment and business.

Here’s what some of the experts had to say:

“We are satisfied from the support provided by the Macedonian Government, its institutions. The decision for investment in Macedonia represents an important step in our expansion as part of the strategy for international output”.

–Martin Passern
Managing Director
Kromberg & Schubert

“The Group investigated several investment destinations in Eastern Europe and quickly concluded that Macedonia was the best destination. In Macedonia we found a forward looking culture, an excellent workforce with a true ‘can do’ attitude, and great ICT skills. This coupled with the command of the English language made Macedonia a natural choice for us”.

–Ivan Bartolo
6PM Group


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