Top 10 Cities With The Worst Commute


People may complain about the traffic in New York, Los Angles, or Paris but the transport systems in these cities are far from the worst in the world.

An IBM study polled 8,192 motorists in 20 international cities on five continents about their “global commuter pain”. Researchers developed an index that factors in commuting time, time stuck in traffic, price of gas, if traffic has gotten better or worse, stress levels, and effect on work.

Here’s the top 10

1. Mexico City, Mexico: 108

2. Shenzhen,China : 95

3. Beijing, China: 95

4. Nairobi, Kenya: 88

5. Johannesburg, South Africa: 83

6. Bangalore, India: 75

7. New Delhi, India: 72

8. Moscow, Russia: 65

9. Milan, Italy: 53

10. Singapore, Singapore: 44


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Denis Foynes

Denis Foynes was born in New York City to Irish parents in 1991. When he was 8, his family returned to Celtic Tiger Ireland. Denis has an International Politics degree from Aberystwyth University in Wales. After completing university, he decided to leave crisis Ireland and relocate to Panama.