Top 10 Countries With The Highest Life Expectancy


Where does the lifestyle, culture, and health services give you the most years? Remember, it’s not too late to join them.

Don’t expect to see the United States on this list, they are number 40.

Here are the UN’s top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy:

10. Singapore- 80.60 Years

Singapore’s high life expectancy comes down to its healthcare system. When their government documented the booming elderly population in the 1980’s they planned accordingly with excellent healthcare systems for seniors. Singapore’s wealth doesn’t hurt either.

9. Israel- 80.69 Years

The health system here is quite advanced and fairly equal and accessible. Mediterranean diet is important too, with its fruit, vegetables, and olive oil, as well as a preference for poultry over red meat.

8. Sweden- 80.88 Years

Over the past decades, the Swedish life expectancy has increased, mainly as a result of decreased mortality from coronary heart diseases as well as some respiratory diseases. A decrease in smoking levels has helped this. Smoking was prohibited in Swedish bars and restaurants in May 2005.

7. France- 80.95 Years

The French spend 11% of GDP on healthcare, the most in Europe. The deadly heat wave of 2003 promoted the government to improve their care of the elderly.

6. Iceland- 81.28 Years

Icelanders have the lowest rate of heart disease in the western world due to their particularly high fish diet which results in the world’s lowest cholesterol rate.

5. Italy- 81.37 Years

Proof that a glass of wine a day is good for the heart? The slow-paced lifestyle, fresh air, and local produce contribute to a long life in Italy too.

4. Australia- 81.44 Years

Australia’s place on the list comes in spite of the country’s high alcohol intake. The sporty and outdoors lifestyle helps minimize alcohol’s negative impact.

3. Hong Kong- 81.61 Years

It is amazing that Hong Kong is on this this when you consider its pollution levels. However, they make up for it with exercise, herbal teas, and a healthy diet.

2. Switzerland- 81.81 Years

The Swiss can afford to look after themselves due to their high income levels. The health system is also high performing.

1. Japan- 82.73 Years

Why do world’s oldest man and woman always seem to be from Japan? A diet of fresh fish and vegetables are one reason. The Japanese don’t depend on cars and tend to do a lot of day to day walking.


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