Top 10 Sexiest Countries


Denis Foynes – has asked Americans to cast their vote on the sexiest people in the world.

Looking for a hot wife or husband? You should narrow your search to these countries. Italian men everywhere will be devastated. describes itself as an “online dating site for travellers.” It sets up wealthy frequent flyers with economically challenged but attractive people that want to travel.

“We match generous travellers who hate to travel alone, with attractive travellers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free,” its website says.

Here are the sexiest countries

Sexiest men according to American women

10. Puerto Rican

9. Greek

8. French

7. Scottish

6. Spanish

5. American

4. Swedish

3. Brazilian

2. Irish

1. British

Sexiest women according to American men

10. Italian

9. Swedish

8. Bulgarian

7. French

6. Dutch

5. Russian

4. Spanish

3. American

2. Brazilian

1. Colombian


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